Euclides Almeida

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Optimizing the shape of nanostructures and nano-antennas for specific optical properties has evolved to be a very fruitful activity. With modern fabrication tools a large variety of possibilities is available for shaping both nanoparticles and nanocavities; in particular nanocavities in thin metal films have emerged as attractive candidates for new(More)
Metasurfaces, and in particular those containing plasmonic-based metallic elements, constitute an attractive set of materials with a potential for replacing standard bulky optical elements. In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on their nonlinear optical properties, particularly in the context of second and third harmonic generation and(More)
DRTO Systems sometimes present failures when solving dynamic optimization problems. There are situations where the infeasibilities are due to the initial conditions, changing of constraints during the operation, or even in presence of conflicts between some specifications. The proposed method consists in solving these infeasibilities by reformulating the(More)
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