Eu Chang Hwang

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Serotonin turnover has been investigated in regional brain areas of rats made thiamine deficient by pyrithiamine (PT). Following intracisternal injection of [14C]5-hydroxytryptamine ([14C]5-HT), a marked increase in the accumulation of [14C]5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid ([14C]5-HIAA) was found in the medulla-pons, hypothalamus and cerebral cortex. [14C]5-HT(More)
p-methoxyphenlethylamine (p-MPEA) induces the "serotonin syndrome" in mice which consists of lateral head weaving, Straub tail, hindlimb abduction, tremor, hyperactivity, reciprocal fore-paw treading, salivation and piloerection. These p-MPEA-induced behavioral signs were partially prevented by pretreatment with serotonin (5HT) uptake blockers (fluoxetine,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the impact of nocturia on health-related quality of life and sleep in men. METHODS From January 2008 to December 2008, 284 patients with lower urinary tract symptoms were selected for this study. The participants completed a series of questionnaires on health-related quality of life (the overactive bladder questionnaire, or OAB-q), the(More)
AIMS Recent studies have showed that interstitial cells (ICs) are widely distributed in the genitourinary tract and have suggested their involvement in spontaneous electrical activity and muscle contraction. Nitric oxide (NO) is thought to play a role in bladder overactivity related with bladder outlet obstruction (BOO). The purposes of this study were to(More)
PURPOSE The precise etiology and classification of nocturia in women is not enough. We evaluated age related changes and classified the type of nocturia by age in women. METHODS We included 118 women 20 years or older with nocturia at least one time during night time. Subjects were divided into three groups by the age: group 1, under 40 years; group 2, 40(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated men with documented chronic prostatitis and elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to determine whether treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs can lower serum PSA and the cancer detection rate in patients with post-treatment PSA <4 ng/ml. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty-six men who presented with serum PSA greater(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of this study were to investigate the effect of hormonal alterations on the expression of caveolin-1 in the urinary bladders of ovariectomized rats and to determine the role of caveolin-1 in the overactivity of the detrusor muscle that occurs with hormonal alterations in rats. METHODS Female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three(More)
The incidence of kidney cancer has been rising over the past two decades, especially in cases in which the disease is localized and small in size (<4 cm). This rise is mainly due to the widespread use of routine abdominal imaging such as ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Early detection was initially heralded as an(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of this study were to investigate the effect of cyclophosphamide (CYP)-induced inflammatory cystitis on caveolin 1 in rat urinary bladder and to determine the role of these molecules in the bladder dysfunction that occurs in inflammatory change in rat urinary bladder. METHODS Female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into control (n=30)(More)