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Background. Improved life expectancy of children with chronic renal failure (CRF) has increased the number of patients with renal osteodystrophy and has brought to light novel and severe forms of the disease. These factors have contributed to the need to evaluate new, noninvasive imaging modalities for the detection of bone involvement. Objectives. To(More)
CMV is one of the most frequent viral infections after orthotopic liver transplantation. Thus, there should be a high index of clinical suspicion, particularly in liver transplant recipients who have risk factors for the development of CMV disease, including donor CMV seropositivity, the use of antilymphocyte preparations, and retransplantation. The(More)
CMV infection is a major cause of morbidity and mortality following liver transplantation (LT). A prospective study of 218 LT recipients showed that 55% of patients developed CMV infection during the 1st year post-transplantation. Symptomatic CMV infection developed in 25% of all patients, being a major cause of death (21% of all deaths). Of 62 episodes of(More)
This randomised, double-blind multicenter study was conducted in order to evaluate the long-term effect (one year) of 150 mg ranitidine vs placebo in 51 patients with healed duodenal ulcer. Seventeen patients had ulcer recurrence at the end of follow-up, one among the 24 patients that received ranitidine and 16 among the 27 patients that received placebo (p(More)