Ettore Laserra

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In this paper we will analyze the Fantappiè group and its properties in connection with Cantorian space-time. Our attention will be focused on the possibility of extending special relativity. The cosmological consequences of such extension appear relevant, since thanks to the Fantappiè group, the model of the Big Bang and that of stationary state become(More)
We study the final/initial behavior of a dust Universe with spatial spherical symmetry. This study is done in proximity of the collapse/generation times by an expansion in fractional Puiseux series. Even if the evolution of the universe has different behaviours depending on the initial data (in particular on the initial spatial curvature), we show that, in(More)
This paper deals with the analysis of the sixth elementary Volterra’s distortion for a circular hollow, homogeneous, elastic, isotropic cylinder. More precisely, the specific load connected to the sixth distortion is proved to be equivalent in Saint Venant’s theory to a right combined compressive and bending stress and to a right combined tensile and(More)
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