Ettore Cassandro

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BACKGROUND Chronic subjective dizziness (CSD) is characterized by persistent dizziness, unsteadiness, and hypersensitivity to one's own motion or exposure to complex visual stimuli. CSD may be triggered, in predisposed individuals with specific personality traits, by acute vestibular diseases. CSD is also thought to arise from failure to re-establish normal(More)
The aim of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is to provide decision-makers, distributors and recipients with information on the effectiveness, cost and impact of health technologies. The present study constitutes a subproject within the wider project "Analysis of the impact of professional involvement in evidence generation for the HTA process", which is(More)
Classification of various manifestations of benign positional paroxysmal nystagmus, due to canalolithiasis or to cupulolithiasis, as a reaction to movements and to the site of detritus, is now possible due to the integration of theoretical knowledge (relationships between the semicircular canals and/or ampullae and the vestibulo-ocular pathways) with the(More)
The aim of this systematic review was to summarize the results of scientific publications on the clinical effectiveness of the cochlear implant (CI) procedure in adults. The members of the Working Group first examined existing research evidence from the national and international literature and main international guidelines. They considered as universally(More)
We investigated the relationship between dental and maxillofacial surgery and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV represents the most frequent cause of vertigo of labyrinthine origin. BPPV has been reported following surgical trauma from various surgical interventions, regarding anatomical site and technical execution. A surgical origin is, in(More)
In selecting patients to undergo cochlear implant, a pre-existing use of sign language gives rise to two problems that have been widely debated in the literature. First, the caution shown toward the candidacy of patients using this mode of communication, since it is considered a possible element of interference in the acquisition of speech. Secondly,(More)
Our understanding of the genetic basis of Ménière's disease (MD) is still limited. Although the familial clustering and the geographical and racial differences in incidence strongly suggest a certain role for genetic factors in the development of MD, no convincing evidence for an association with any gene exists, at present. In this review, starting from(More)
Fifteen cases of Friedreich's ataxia (FA) were examined using an otoneurological test battery that included tone and speech audiometry, the synthetic sentence identification (SSI) test, impedance audiometry, cortical auditory-evoked response (CAER), brainstem auditory-evoked response (ABR) and electronystagmography. We also obtained ABR and CAER findings in(More)
The need to optimize the use of all the information that modern technological tools have made available to the physician ENT/audiologist has increasingly emerged within the Italian scientific community. Towards this purpose, it is necessary to create a registry of the patients using cochlear implants (CIs). This registry will include a homogeneous summary(More)
Presbycusis is one of the most prevalent neurodegenera-tive diseases of aging caused by changes in peripheral (cell loss in organ of Corti, spiral ganglion and stria vas-cularis) and central auditory systems (consequent to peripheral modifications or due to changes in the neuro-biologic activity underlying central processing of auditory informations) [1].(More)