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Hepatic vascular exclusion, which includes clamping of the portal pedicle along with the inferior vena cava below and above the liver, may be a useful procedure for resection of liver tumors close to the hepatic veins or the vena cava that are usually considered unresectable by conventional techniques. Since complete caval exclusion is the key to good(More)
BACKGROUND Complete open surgical resection is the standard treatment for thymoma and myasthenia gravis. We evaluated the feasibility of bilateral video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy, and compared it to surgery via sternotomy. METHODS From 2011 to 2014, 43 patients undergoing thymectomy were divided into 2 groups: 23 underwent video-assisted(More)
189 cases of colectomy for cancer have undergone limited bowel preparation by one or two enemas the day before surgery. The anastomosis has been performed manually with a continuous suture of resorbable material. Hospital mortality is 1.6% for the whole series and limited to 0.5% for elective resections despite the old age of the patients included (70.6 +/-(More)
We report a novel less-invasive extrapleural pneumonectomy for early-stage malignant pleural mesothelioma without rib spreading. Our approach is unique and differed from the previously reported cases, because we used one skin incision and two small intercostal incisions with videothoracoscopic viewing without rib spreading. The pleural dissection and(More)
Standard video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery has been reported as a minimally invasive approach alternative to sternotomy for management of myasthenia gravis (MG) associated with thymoma or thymic hyperplasia. Uniportal video-thoracoscopy is an evolution of standard multi-portal video-thoracoscopy for management of several thoracic diseases but its role(More)
Herein, we reported a catastrophic condition as the almost complete rupture of trachea associated with esophageal lesion following an urgent surgical tracheostomy performed for unexpected difficult intubation. The extent of lesions required a surgical management. We decided against a resection and an end to end anastomosis but preferred to perform a direct(More)
Tracheo-esophageal fistula is a life-threatening condition for fatal pulmonary complications. Surgery is the treatment of choice. Unfortunately, the most of patients are unfit for surgery and in these cases there is no a standardized management. Herein, we reported a clinical case of a 75-year-old-woman with a tracheoesophageal fistula related to(More)
BACKGROUND Video-assisted thoracoscopy is become a widely accepted approach for the resection of anterior mediastinal masses, including thymoma. The current trend is to reduce the number of ports and minimize the length of incisions to further decrease postoperative pain, chest wall paresthesia, and length of hospitalization. Herein, we reported an extended(More)
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