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Antiplasmodial and antiulcer activities of Melanthera scadens.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the antimalarial and antiulcerogenic activities of leaf extract and fractions of Melanthera scandens (M. scandens). METHODS The crude leaf extract (37-111 mg/kg) and fractionsExpand
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Antiplasmodial and analgesic activities of Clausena anisata.
OBJECTIVE Antiplasmodial and analgesic activities of the leaf extract and fractions of Clausena anisata (C. anisata) were evaluated for antimalarial and analgesic activities. METHODS The crude leafExpand
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INTRODUCTION Eleuscine indica (L.) Gaertn (Poaceae) is an annual or short-lived perenial tufted grass, branching from the base. The ascending culms, 5 to 60 cm high, are sometimes compressed whileExpand
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Antiulcerogenic Activity of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Acalypha wilkensiana
Objective: Acalypha wilkensiana Mull. Arg. is often used in traditional medicine by Ibibios of Niger Delta region of Nigeria for the treatment of several diseases including gastrointestinal disordersExpand
Anti-ulcerogenic activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Heinsia crinata
The anti-ulcer activity of Heinsia crinata , a vegetable, used ethnomedicinally in the treatment of ulcer was evaluated to confirm this claim.The crude ethanolic leaf extract (450 – 1350mg/kg) wasExpand