Ettaouil Mohamed

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The task assignment problem with non uniform communication costs (TAP) consists in finding an assignment of the tasks to the processors such that the total execution and communication costs is minimized. This problem is naturally formulated as 0-1 quadratic programming subject to linear constraints (QP). In this paper, we propose a new approach to solve the(More)
Image restoration problem is a very interesting field which preserves its importance until now. This field has some drawbacks, from one hand, it suffers from the high complexity to solve the classical model, on other hand, it causes a deterioration of some parts in the original image that we want to restore. In this context, we propose in this paper a(More)
The self-organizing map (SOM) is a popular neural network which was designed for solving problems that involve tasks such as clustering and visualization. Specially, It provides a new strategy of clustering using a competition and co-operation principal. The probabilistic Kohonen network (PRSOM) is the stochastic version of classical one. However,(More)
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