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We consider the 2 x 2 hyperbolic system of isentropic gas dynamics, in both Eulerian or Lagrangian variables (also called the p-system). We show that they can be reformulated as a kinetic equation, using an additional kinetic variable. Such a formulation was first obtained by the authors in the case of multidimensional scalar conservation laws. A new(More)
We analyze the convergence of the spectral vanishing method for both the spectral and pseudospectral discretizations of the inviscid Burgers, equation. We prove that this kind of vanishing viscosity is responsible for a spectral decay of those Fourier coefficients located toward the end of the computed spectrum; consequently, the discretization error is(More)
A high resolution, second-order central difference method for incompressible flows is presented. The method is based on a recent second-order extension of the classic Lax-Friedrichs scheme introduced for hyperbolic conservation laws (Nessyahu H. & Tadmor E. (1990) J. Comp. Physics. 87, 408-463; Jiang G.-S. & Tadmor E. (1996) UCLA CAM Report 96-36, SIAM J.(More)
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