Etsuya Shibayama

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An object-oriented computation model is presented which is designed for modelling and describing a wide variety of concurrent systems. In this model, three types of message passing are incorporated. An overview of a programming language called ABCL/1, whose semantics faithfully reflects this computation model, is also presented. Using ABCL/1, a simple(More)
Multi-focus distortion-oriented views are useful in viewinglarge information on a small screen, but still have problems inmanaging multiple foci during editing. The user may have tonavigate information space by focusing and defocusing multipleparts to obtain multi-focus layouts that change according tovarious editing situations. As a result, it becomes(More)
This paper presents a scalable visualization technique for automatic animation of data-flow visual program execution, and a software architecture to provide a scalable interface for debugging programs, which exploits a multi-focus fisheye viewing algorithm in conjunction with a semantic zooming interface to show various kinds of information at runtime. The(More)
We present the migratory cursor, which is an interactive interface that enables users to move a cursor to any desired position quickly and accurately using voice alone. The migratory cursor combines discrete specification that allows a user to specify a location quickly, but approximately, with continuous specification that allows the user to specify a(More)
We are developing a secure and certified e-mail system AnZenMail that provides an experimental testbed for our cutting-edge security enhancement technologies. In addition to a provably secure message transfer protocol, we have designed and implemented a server (MTU) and a client (MUA) in order that they could survive recent malicious attacks such as(More)
A design and verification technique for implementation schemes of distributed software is presented. In this technique, first, the specification is modelled by a concurrent object system, that is, one which is constituted of computational agents with capability of concurrent execution and message passing. Then, such a concurrent object system is transformed(More)
Dynamic mixin is a construct available in Ruby and other dynamic languages. It can be used as a base to implement a range of programming paradigms, such as dynamic aspect-oriented programming and context-oriented programming. However, the performance characteristics of current implementation of dynamic mixin in Ruby leaves much to be desired under condition(More)