Etsuko Miyashita

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The primary structures of the precursors of neurohypophysial hormones vasotocin (VT) and mesotocin (MT) in the hypothalamus of the toad Bufo japonicus were determined by analyzing the nucleotide sequences of the cloned cDNAs encoding them. The MT precursor consists of 125 amino acid residues containing a signal peptide followed directly by MT, which in turn(More)
A peptide hormone analogue [Leu13]motilin has been produced in high yield by recombinant DNA techniques. The peptide was expressed from a multicopied [Leu13]motilin gene fused to a salmon growth hormone gene fragment. The monomeric [Leu13]motilin was obtained by treatment of the fusion protein with cyanogen bromide, carboxypeptidase A and B. [Leu13]motilin(More)
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