Etsuko Miyamoto

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The disposition characteristics of beta-lactam antibiotics in rats were investigated, and a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model capable of predicting the tissue distribution and elimination kinetics of these drugs was developed. Protein-binding parameters in rat serum were determined by equilibrium dialysis. Linear binding was found for penicillin(More)
Two types of alginate gel beads capable of floating in the gastric cavity were prepared. The first, alginate gel bead containing vegetable oil (ALGO), is a hydrogel bead and its buoyancy is attributable to vegetable oil held in the alginate gel matrix. The model drug, metronidazole (MZ), contained in ALGO was released gradually into artificial gastric(More)
Apparent partition coefficients Papp, of beta-lactam antibiotics were determined in octanol-water and 2-methylpropanol-water systems at various pH values. The pKa values also were determined by potentiometry under the conditions of partition experiments. The intrinsic partition coefficients for the unionized form, Pu, and the ionized form, Pi, of(More)
Calcium-induced alginate gel beads containing chitosan salt (Alg-CS) was prepared using nicotinic acid (NA), a drug for hyperlipidemia, and investigated its two functions in gastrointestinal tract, (a) NA release from Alg-CS, (b) uptake of bile acids into Alg-CS. The amount of NA incorporated in Alg-CS increased according to increment of CS content. NA was(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of imatinib mesilate on the disposition kinetics of ciclosporin in rats. The blood concentration-time course and pharmacokinetic parameters of ciclosporin did not significantly change after intravenous injection of ciclosporin (10 mg kg(-1)) in rats treated with imatinib mesilate (50 mg kg(-1)) as(More)
A calcium-induced alginate gel bead (Alg-CS) containing chitosan (CS) and 2-(4-chlorophenoxy)-2-methylpropionic acid (CMP) was prepared. We then investigated (a) CMP release from Alg-CS, and (b) uptake of bile acid into the Alg-CS, within the gastrointestinal tract. Dried Alg-CS gradually swelled in taurocholate solution, while releasing CMP and taking up(More)
The absorption of propicillin from the rat stomach and small intestine in situ was examined as a function of recirculating solution pH. The in vitro interphase transport from an aqueous buffer of various pH values to the octanol phase was also studied for several penicillins by the use of a two-phase rolling cell. The rate--pH profiles obtained from both in(More)
Studies were undertaken to elucidate the interaction between beta-lactam antibiotics and surfactant micelles and to examine the effects of surfactants on their aqueous stability and solubility. The apparent binding constant of the micelle-antibiotic complex was determined as a function of the solution pH at 37 degrees and mu = 0.15 by the dynamic dialysis(More)