Etkin Baris Ozgul

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Central to robot exploration and mapping is the task of persistent localization in environmental fields characterized by spatially correlated measurements. This paper presents a Gaussian process localization (GP-Localize) algorithm that, in contrast to existing works, can exploit the spatially correlated field measurements taken during a robot’s exploration(More)
This paper presents a novel online sparse Gaussian process (GP) approximation method [3] that is capable of achieving constant time and memory (i.e., independent of the size of the data) per time step. We theoretically guarantee its predictive performance to be equivalent to that of a sophisticated offline sparse GP approximation method. We empirically(More)
Multi-agent research has focused on finding the optimal team for a task. Many approaches assume that the performance of the agents are known a priori. We are interested in ad hoc teams, where the agents' algorithms and performance are initially unknown. We focus on the task of modeling the performance of single agents through observation in training(More)
The colon adenocarcinoma causes changes in glandular structures of colon tissues. Pathologists assess these changes to diagnose and grade the colon adenocarcinoma. However, this assessment may consist of a considerable amount of subjectivity. It is possible to reduce this subjectivity by characterizing the glands with mathematical features. For that, the(More)
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