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From a survey of seven hundred students whose ages ranged from fourteen to twenty one, three hundred were selected on the basis of regular brushing and having seen a dentist for 'routine' check up. Their responses were analysed to see if their knowledge and behaviour conform to the Rosenstock-Hochbaum health belief model. It was found that they had little(More)
This article discusses the concept of Primary Health Care--an idea which started with the World Health Assembly agreement in 1977 to work resolutely towards the goal of Health for All. This decision was followed by the historic international conference on Primary Health Care at Alma Ata in 1978. Many countries including Nigeria, adopted the primary health(More)
A case of natal teeth in a four-day-old female brought by a forty four year old mother is presented. These natal teeth were present in the upper and lower jaws. Of special interest was the shape and positions of these especially the upper tooth in the left canine region and the fact that these teeth were present in a child with Down's syndrome features. The(More)
There are many ways of identifying victims of catastrophes but in disasters where most soft tissue has been lost, the hard tissues of teeth can be used. This article describes the important role that forensic odontology can play in these cases. This role has not been recognised in most countries, particularly developing countries, where forensic odontology(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the fluoride content of different brands of toothpastes and powders commercially available in Nigerian markets, to compare the claims of the manufacturers with the objectively obtained results of the analysis and to make recommendations to the Regulatory Agencies based on the results of analysis. METHOD Standard Operating Procedures(More)
The sulcus depth of permanent teeth of young 30 children, 15 of each sex aged 12-15 years was measured. There was no significant difference between the mandibular and maxillary depth (p > 0.05). However a significant difference was observed between the depth in anterior region and that in the posterior region both in the upper and lower jaws (p < or =(More)
Five cases of facial nerve palsy seen over a period of ten years (1988-1998) at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Dental Clinic were retrospectively reviewed. The materials on file for the five patients were studied and the presenting features sex, age and clinical presentation were reviewed. There were three males and two females. Their ages were(More)
Two cases of bilateral dislocation occurred in two brothers, aged 20 and 23 within a period of seventeen months. The junior one was the first victim in the month of April 1999 and the senior brother later in November 2000. The first was triggered by yawning whereas the second by vomiting. Different types of dislocation, diagnosis and management of(More)
BACKGROUND Different social economic and personal factors have been touted as determining a person's health. This encompasses a person's living environment, economic status, genetic makeup, physical attributes and not just access to health services. It is important that health workers recognize that a person's socio-economic environment can have an adverse(More)
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