Etienne van der Poel

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A major problem in Digital Forensics (DF) is the often huge volumes of data that has to be searched, filtered, and indexed to discover patterns that could lead to forensic evidence. The nature of, and the process by which the data was collected also means that the data contain information about persons that are not involved, or only incidentally involved in(More)
This paper is to describes a method for interposing computer generated melody with tone linked to unique entities within the text of a novel. Background: A recent study describing a piece of software called "TransProse" has already shown that sentiment in the text of a novel can be used to automatically generate simple piano music that reflects the same(More)
Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) agents traditionally use a fixed, pre-defined plan library with the assumption that the environments in which they operate remain unchanged. Often agents have to operate in changing environments with the results that plans become outdated or even fail completely. The result has been much research on several approaches to(More)
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