Etienne Thoret

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The present study investigated the effect of handwriting sonification on graphomotor learning. Thirty-two adults, distributed in two groups, learned four new characters with their non-dominant hand. The experimental design included a pre-test, a training session, and two post-tests, one just after the training sessions and another 24h later. Two characters(More)
In this paper, we investigate a control strategy of synthesized interaction-sounds. The framework of our research is based on the action/object paradigm that considers that sounds result from an action on an object. This paradigm presumes that there exists some sound invariants, i.e. perceptually relevant signal morphologies that carry information about the(More)
This study investigates the human ability to perceive biological movements through friction sounds produced by drawings and, furthermore, the ability to recover drawn shapes from the friction sounds generated. In a first experiment, friction sounds, real-time synthesized and modulated by the velocity profile of the drawing gesture, revealed that subjects(More)
In this paper, a flexible strategy to control a synthesis model of sounds produced by non linear friction phenomena is proposed for guidance or musical purposes. It enables to synthesize different types of sounds, such a creaky door, a singing glass or a squeaking wet plate. This approach is based on the action/object paradigm that enables to propose a(More)
The dynamic features of sounds make them particularly appropriate for assessing the spatiotemporal characteristics of movements. Furthermore, sounds can inform about the correctness of an ongoing movement without directly interfering with the visual and proprioceptive feedback. Finally, because of their playful characteristics, sounds are potentially(More)
Even though we generally don’t pay attention to the friction sounds produced when we are writing or drawing, these sounds are recordable, and can even evoke the underlying gesture. In this paper, auditory perception of such sounds, and the internal representations they evoke when we listen to them, is considered from the sensorimotor learning point of view.(More)
In this study, we propose a method to synthesize sonic metaphors of two dimensional curves based on the mental representation of friction sound produced by the interaction between the pencil and the paper when somebody is drawing or writing. The relevance of this approach is firstly presented. Secondly, synthesized friction sounds that enable the(More)
This paper presents an experiment dealing with the sensorimotor relation between auditory perception and graphical movements. Subjects were asked to synchronize their gestures with synthetic friction sounds. Some geometrical and dynamical parameters of the motor productions are analyzed according to the different mappings. This preliminary experiment(More)
Many studies stressed that the human movement execution but also the perception of motion are constrained by specific kinematics. For instance, it has been shown that the visuo-manual tracking of a spotlight was optimal when the spotlight motion complies with biological rules such as the so-called 1/3 power law, establishing the co-variation between the(More)