Etienne Rodriguez

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1. A year-round study was conducted in a mesotrophic reservoir to determine the dynamics of zooplankton populations as a function of food availability (edible phytoplankton), nutrient concentration, temperature and hydraulic regime. 2. Rotifer biomass was correlated with soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) concentration. The abundance of the rotifers(More)
In this paper, we propose an polarimetric SAR interferometry technique for interferometric phase extraction of each local scatterer of the forest region. The proposed method formulated for local scattering center extraction is based on the ESPRIT algorithm which is known for high-resolution capability of closely located incidences. The method shows(More)
We present the results of a photometric multisite campaign on the δ Scuti Pre-Main-Sequence star IP Per. Nine telescopes have been involved in the observations, with a total of about 190 hours of observations over 38 nights. Present data confirms the multiperiodic nature of this star and leads to the identification of at least nine pulsational frequencies.(More)
This paper will discuss a new multifrequency dual channel coherent radar depth sounder for sounding ice. This sounder is unique, since it is a fully coherent chirp radar designed to operate at low (1,500ft) as well as high altitudes (30,000ft). The dynamic range of the radar is sufficient for simultaneously imaging both the top and bottom returns from ice(More)
We estimate the cosmological variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio μ = mp/me by measuring the wavelengths of molecular hydrogen transitions in the early universe. The analysis is performed using high spectral resolution observations (FWHM ≈ 7 km/s) of two damped Lyman-α systems at zabs = 2.3377 and 3.0249 observed along the lines of sight to the(More)
An optical microscope is described that reveals contrast in the Mueller matrix images of a thin, transparent, or semi-transparent specimen located within an anisotropic object plane (anisotropic filter). The specimen changes the anisotropy of the filter and thereby produces contrast within the Mueller matrix images. Here we use an anisotropic filter(More)
Glaciers and ice sheets modulate global sea level by storing water deposited as snow on the surface and discharging water back into the ocean through melting and via icebergs. Only recently have we recognized, primarily from satellite observations, that the size of this frozen reservoir can change as demonstrated by the rapid thinning of Jacobshavn Glacier(More)