Etienne Rodriguez

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We consider the propagation of periodic waves with initially narrow spatial spectra in a Kerr medium. The set of constants of motion closely related to the order amplitudes is introduced. It is shown that the spatial spectrum remains uniformly narrow with propagation for both self-focusing and self-defocusing nonlinearity. In addition, for sufficiently weak(More)
We study the dynamics of propagation of the pulse train modeled by truncated cnoidal-type wave in a nonlinear dispersion-managed (DM) fiber. Computer simulations permit to select fiber parameters and waveform to ensure self-repeating of wave after the dispersion map period. It is shown that the long-period maps lead to the complicated chaotic behavior of(More)
We carried out the largest photometric multisite campaign for a δ Scuti star to date and acquired 435 hours of Strom-gren v and y time-series photometry at 6 observatories during a time span of 40 days. The new 1995 data set allows us to extract 19 frequencies of the light variations. By including the data published by Breger et al. (1995) we can increase(More)
An optical microscope is described that reveals contrast in the Mueller matrix images of a thin, transparent, or semi-transparent specimen located within an anisotropic object plane (anisotropic filter). The specimen changes the anisotropy of the filter and thereby produces contrast within the Mueller matrix images. Here we use an anisotropic filter(More)
We report experimental realization of phase-locked quantum cascade laser (QCL) array using a monolithically integrated Talbot cavity. An array with six laser elements at a wavelength of ~4.8 μm shows a maximum peak power of ~4 W which is more than 5 times higher than that of a single ridge laser element and a slope efficiency of 1 W/A at room temperature.(More)
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