Etienne Rassart

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We present a polynomiality property of the Littlewood-Richardson coefficients c ν λµ. The coefficients are shown to be given by polynomials in λ, µ and ν on the cones of the chamber complex of a vector partition function. We give bounds on the degree of the polynomials depending on the maximum allowed number of parts of the partitions λ, µ and ν. We first(More)
We use Gelfand–Tsetlin diagrams to write down the weight multiplicity function for the Lie algebra sl k C (type A k−1) as a single partition function. This allows us to apply known results about partition functions to derive interesting properties of the weight diagrams. We relate this description to that of the Duistermaat–Heckman measure from symplectic(More)
Using tools from combinatorics, convex geometry and symplectic geometry, we study the behavior of the Kostka numbers K λβ and Littlewood-Richardson coefficients c ν λµ (the type A weight multi-plicities and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients). We show that both are given by piecewise polynomial functions in the entries of the partitions and compositions(More)
We discuss some applications of signature quantization to the representation theory of compact Lie groups. In particular, we prove signature analogues of the Kostant formula for weight multiplicities and the Steinberg formula for tensor product multiplicities. Using symmetric functions, we also find, for type A, analogues of the Weyl branching rule and the(More)
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