Etienne Perret

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Parameter estimation of time-varying non-Gaussian autoregressive processes can be a highly nonlinear problem. The problem gets even more difficult if the functional form of the time variation of the process parameters is unknown. In this paper, we address parameter estimation of such processes by particle filtering, where posterior densities are(More)
The neuropsychological assessment of dementia reveals the following behavioural deficits: Organization of complex mental activities, solving of unfamiliar problems, orientation in the (social) surroundings, memory, continuity and speed in mental operations. The use of wide inventories of behavioural functions in neuropsychology warrants the early diagnosis(More)
Normal subjects had to name German compound nouns which were presented tachistoscopically. The compound nouns were displayed either unilaterally to the left or right visual field, or bilaterally with one element to the left and one to the right visual field. A distinction was made between the bilateral conditions as to whether the representation of the(More)
Normal subjects were asked to estimate the total surface of two black spots presented tachistoscopically, either both to the right or both to the left visual field, or bilaterally to either visual field. Performance was highest with unilateral left visual field presentation and lowest with bilateral presentation of the spots. Interhemispheric integration(More)
Man's spatial perception was investigated on the basis of acoustic input in the extrapersonal frame of reference. Sounds from a two-dimensional loudspeaker array outlined sequentially the contours of various digits. The underlying mechanisms involved in this auditory-spatial task were analyzed according to alterations in the vertical and horizontal spread(More)