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OBJECTIVES Cross-sectional studies have shown a strong association between Mycoplasma genitalium and HIV infections. We previously reported that in a cohort of female sex workers in Uganda, M genitalium infection at baseline was associated with HIV seroconversion. Here we examine the temporal association between the M genitalium infection status shortly(More)
BACKGROUND The importance of Mycoplasma genitalium in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-burdened sub-Saharan Africa is relatively unknown. We assessed the prevalence and explored determinants of this emerging sexually transmitted infection (STI) in high-risk women in Uganda. METHODS Endocervical swabs from 1025 female sex workers in Kampala were tested(More)
Mangrove trees, which develop along tropical coasts, are known to use saline water uptake. In French Guiana, the high salinity condition is the result of seawater evaporation on mud banks formed from the Amazon sediment flumes. In the back mangrove a few kilometres inland, groundwater, soil water and the xylem sap uptake in the trees remain highly salty,(More)
Cancer treatment is facing major evolution since the advent of targeted therapies. Building genetic profiles could predict sensitivity or resistance to these therapies and highlight disease-specific abnormalities, supporting personalized patient care. In the context of biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, our laboratory has developed an oncogenic(More)
This paper presents a method for characterizing the complexity of landscape boundaries by remote sensing. This characterization is supported by a new boundary typology, that takes into account points where three or more landcovers converge (i. e., convergency points or coverts). Landscape boundary richness and diversity indices were proposed and calculated(More)
The components of a neuromuscular system are identified, and anatomical and physiological features of the elements are organized into a signal flow diagram. The elements of the perioral neuromuscular system are described in the context of the system flow diagram developed for a generalized neuromuscular system. Important features of commonality and contrast(More)
Highlighting tumoral mutations is a key step in oncology for personalizing care. Considering the genetic heterogeneity in a tumor, software used for detecting mutations should clearly distinguish real tumor events of interest that could be predictive markers for personalized medicine from false positives. OutLyzer is a new variant-caller designed for the(More)
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