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Upper airway stenosis in patients with faciocraniosynostosis is very common and often severe. Mid-face advancement, either with a Le Fort III or concomitantly to a monobloc frontofacial advancement, may prevent a tracheotomy or result in its ablation. The amelioration of respiratory function appears to be much better if the mid-face advancement is combined(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic endonasal optic nerve decompression (EEOND) is indicated in traumatic and endocrine orbitopathies as well as in idiopathic intracranial hypertension. CASE We present a patient with bilateral nonspecific inflammatory orbitopathy (NSIO) and optic nerve compression presenting with acute severe visual loss. Bilateral orbital and optic(More)
We report on two cases of spontaneous resorption of a calcified thoracic hernia. This phenomenom is widely recognised in lumbar and cervical hernia, but is exceptional at the thoracic level. The potential mechanisms underlying this resorption are discussed trough a review of the literature. We think this could be another argument for a "wait and watch"(More)
BACKGROUND Metastatic disease of the spine is an increasingly common public health problem. Surgery should be an integral component of the overall cancer treatment plan and, importantly, must neither delay not jeopardize any of the other components. The prognosis governs the choice of the surgical strategy. Tokuhashi et al. developed a prognostic score in(More)
We report two patients with thoracic spinal solitary fibrous tumor (SFT). This report includes a patient with the first secondary SFT arising in the central nervous system from a pleural origin to our knowledge. The diagnosis was confirmed by histological and immunohistochemical analysis. Both patients underwent gross total resection of their tumors and did(More)
A digital campus is a distance learning site that uses the potential of information and communication technologies to disseminate and improve educational services. This website, with open and free access, is built from free software with Web 2.0 technology. It is hosted at the University of Limoges. It functions as a digital library, containing scanned(More)
BACKGROUND Acute myelopathy in cases of thoracic disc herniation (TDH) is an exceptional condition for which the treatment is not codified. Here we present the results of a standardized procedure in 10 patients who underwent surgery for acute myelopathy on TDH between December 2009 and December 2016. METHODS Our approach began with a cautious laminectomy(More)
We report on a case of migration inside the liver of the distal end of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt catheter in an adult patient. A simple laparotomy permitted the surgical removal with no haemorrhagic complication. We discuss the other cases reported in the literature and we outline the need to perform an abdominal CT scan in patients carrying a VP shunt(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative 3-dimensional fluoroscopy (eg, O-arm) has been shown to improve accuracy of pedicle screw placement over 2-dimensional fluoroscopy (C-arm), but its effect on surgery duration remains unclear. OBJECTIVE To compare the durations of operative and perioperative times between O-arm and C-arm procedures for degenerative lumbar(More)
Nonaccidental head injury in children (NAHI), most often due to abusive head trauma (AHT), is not uncommon and carries a high risk of mortality and morbidity. Intracranial lesions encountered are mainly subdural hematomas. Despite heterogeneous clinical presentation, symptoms are related to brain edema with intracranial hypertension and/or seizures that(More)