Etienne Lorchat

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We investigate the interlayer phonon modes in N-layer rhenium diselenide (ReSe2) and rhenium disulfide (ReS2) by means of ultralow-frequency micro-Raman spectroscopy. These transition metal dichalcogenides exhibit a stable distorted octahedral (1T') phase with significant in-plane anisotropy, leading to sizable splitting of the (in-plane) layer shear modes.(More)
N-layer transition metal dichalcogenides provide a unique platform to investigate the evolution of the physical properties between the bulk (three-dimensional) and monolayer (quasi-two-dimensional) limits. Here, using high-resolution micro-Raman spectroscopy, we report a unified experimental description of the Γ-point optical phonons in N-layer(More)
A scanning tunneling microscope is used to generate the electroluminescence of phthalocyanine molecules deposited on NaCl/Ag(111). Photon spectra reveal an intense emission line at ≈1.9  eV that corresponds to the fluorescence of the molecules, and a series of weaker redshifted lines. Based on a comparison with Raman spectra acquired on macroscopic(More)
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