Etienne Lemaire

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PURPOSE To explore the imaging capabilities of a new commercially available, three-station, 129-cm long, 12-element phased array coil for contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (CE-MRA) in patients with symptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Nineteen patients, referred for peripheral CE-MRA, were evaluated using(More)
Due to the need for a microrheometer monitoring the high‐frequency viscoelasticity of soft matter in situ, we describe a cantilever‐based microrheometer to achieve this purpose. The elastic and viscous moduli of complex fluids can be measured with an acceptable accuracy over a high frequency bandwidth of 1‐100 kHz. Some preliminary data on small samples(More)
The paper continues along the work initiated by the authors in taking into account stress constraints in topology optimization of continuum structures. Revisiting some of their last developments in this field, the authors point out the importance of considering stress constraints as soon as the preliminary design phase, that is, to include stress(More)
In general, microrheology is carried out using active or passive particle-tracking techniques. In the present paper, a novel technique based on the out-of-plane bending vibrations of a microcantilever beam immersed into a liquid is proposed for microrheological property measurement. We propose to analytically link the damped beam motion with the rheological(More)
Oscillating microstructures are well-established and find application in many fields. These include, force sensors, e.g. AFM micro-cantilevers or accelerometers based on resonant suspended plates. This contribution presents two vibrating mechanical structures acting as force sensors in liquid media in order to measure hydrodynamic interactions. Rectangular(More)
ly, in terms of information flows among various sub-systems, the system contains the following types of elements: (1) Information source, such as an obstacle (2) Information transmission and reception (transducers), such as sensors (3) Information processor, such as hardware and software for signal processing (4) Information representation, such as(More)
This paper, presents a new approach to generate parallel fiber trajectories on general non planar surfaces based on Fast Marching Method. Starting with a (possibly curved) reference fiber direction defined on a (possibly curved) meshed surface, the new method allows defining a level-set representation of the fiber network for each ply. This new approach is(More)
This paper deals with the Quincke rotation of small particles. It is usual to explain this DC electorotation looking at the action of the free charges present in the liquid which under the application of an electric field accumulate at the surface of the insulating object. Then it acquires a dipole moment in the direction opposite to that of the field. In(More)