Etienne Hendrickx

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Photorefractive polymers with high diffraction efficiency in the visible and near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum have been developed. These polymers, which have a large dynamic range because of their high orientational birefringence, incorporate a dye designed to have a large dipole moment and a high linear polarizability anisotropy. Such(More)
The overall aim was to evaluate whether a trackball could be used for communication by people who cannot speak due to severe motor impairment. The precision of trackball control by isolated jaw movements or a combination of jaw and head movements was evaluated in 18 healthy physical-education students, free of overt symptoms of craniomandibular dysfunction.(More)
Hyper-Rayleigh scattering has been used to determine the nonlinear optical properties of a chromophore-containing protein in solution. Because the technique of hyper-Rayleigh scattering allows the measurement of hyperpolarizabilities in an isotropic solution without the application of an electric field, this method is ideally suited for the study of(More)
When presented with a spatially discordant auditory-visual stimulus, subjects sometimes perceive the sound and the visual stimuli as coming from the same location. Such a phenomenon is often referred to as perceptual fusion or ventriloquism, as it evokes the illusion created by a ventriloquist when his voice seems to emanate from his puppet rather than from(More)
Membres du groupe de travail Médecine hospitalière en 2008: A An na al ly ys se e d de es s r ra ap pp po or rt ts s d d' 'a ac ct ti iv vi it té és s d de es s g gr ro ou up pe es s d de e g ge es st ti io on n d de e l l' 'a an nt ti ib bi io ot th hé ér ra ap pi ie e 2 20 00 08 8 d da an ns s l le es s h hô ôp pi it ta au ux x b be el lg ge es s Rapport(More)
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