Etienne Haenni

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Effects of the lanthionine-containing peptide antibiotics duramycin, duramycin B, duramycin C and cinnamycin on the activity of phospholipase A2 from six different sources were studied, and their mode of action was investigated. The four antibiotics inhibited potently all tested phospholipases A2, with IC50 values of around 1 microM, using(More)
Many cardiorespiratory physiological signals can be measured from the chest skin. When measured at many spots, some of them like EIT (Electrical Impedance Tomography) produce images. Classical approaches cannot practically be used to make wearables with a large number of sensors, because the sensing points are connected to a bulky centralized electronics(More)
Classical approaches to make high-quality measurements of biopotential signals require the use of shielded or multi-wire cables connecting the electrodes to a central unit in a star arrangement. Consequently, increasing the number of leads increases cabling and connector complexity which is not only limiting patient comfort but also anticipated as the main(More)