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This paper presents an interactive motion planning system to compute free collision motion in a numerical model. The system is based on interaction between a user and a motion planning algorithm. On one hand the user moves the object with an interactive device and on the other hand a motion planning algorithm searches a solution in the configuration space.(More)
— Motion planning for complex dynamic systems as well as kinodynamic motion planning are still problems difficult to solve in their generic formulation. For systems for which no steering method is known, the only existing algorithms consist in building an exploration tree in the configuration space by exploring the input space of the system. The main(More)
— We present a fast GPU-based algorithm to approximate the Swept Volume (SV) boundary of arbitrary polygon soup models. Despite the extensive research on calculating the volume swept by an object along a trajectory, the efficient algorithms described have imposed constraints on both the trajectories and geometric models. By proposing a general algorithm(More)
– This paper deals with motion planning algorithms for the large space robot manipulators with complicated dynamic behavior. We propose two " two-stage " iterative algorithms, which provide collision-free robot motion taking into account robot's dynamics. The approach is based on new efficient methods for robot manipulator dynamics simulation and(More)
—Many collision detection methods exist, each specialized for certain data types under certain constraints. In order to enable rapid development of efficient collision detection procedures, we propose an extensible software architecture that allows for cross-queries between data types, while permitting the time and memory optimizations needed for(More)
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