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Caldera-forming volcanic eruptions are low-frequency, high-impact events capable of discharging tens to thousands of cubic kilometres of magma explosively on timescales of hours to days, with devastating effects on local and global scales. Because no such eruption has been monitored during its long build-up phase, the precursor phenomena are not well(More)
Lithium elemental and isotopic compositions of olivines in peridotite xenoliths from Hebi in the North China Craton provide direct evidence for the highly variable δ(7)Li in Archean lithospheric mantle. The δ(7)Li in the cores of olivines from the Hebi high-Mg# peridotites (Fo > 91) show extreme variation from -27 to +21, in marked deviation from the δ(7)Li(More)
Li behaviour and distribution in the mantle were investigated by ion microprobe in situ measurements on co-existing oliv-ine (ol), orthopyroxene (opx), clinopyroxene (cpx) and amphibole (amp) in xenoliths from the French Massif Central. The fertile spinel lherzolites of this study record increasing degrees of mantle metasomatism, from unmetasomatised(More)
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