Etienne Bertin

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We present an algorithm for image segmentation with irregular pyramids. Instead of starting with the original pixel grid, we rst apply some adaptive Voronoi tesselation to the image. This provides the advantage that the number of cells in the bottom level of the pyramid is already reduced as compared to the number of pixels of the original image.(More)
Next generation networks are expected to deliver services tailored to all users, hence next generation services are moving toward user centric services, relying on multiple cooperating service platforms. To accomplish successfully the usage continuity between these user centric services, we need to model the link between the service as perceived by their(More)
Let us consider the local specification system of Gibbs point process with inhibition pairwise interaction acting on some Delaunay subgraph specifically not containing the edges of Delaunay triangles with circumscribed circle of radius greater than some fixed positive real value R. Even if we think that there exists at least a stationary Gibbs state(More)
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