Etienne Assoumou Mengue

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Treatment of mitral valve (MV) diseases requires comprehensive clinical evaluation and therapy personalization to optimize outcomes. Finite-element models (FEMs) of MV physiology have been proposed to study the biomechanical impact of MV repair, but their translation into the clinics remains challenging. As a step towards this goal, we present an integrated(More)
We present a new checkerboard detection algorithm which is able to detect checkerboards at extreme poses, or checkerboards which are highly distorted due to lens distortion even on low-resolution images. On the detected pattern we apply a surface fitting based subpixel refinement specifically tailored for checkerboard X-junctions. Finally, we investigate(More)
MitralClip is a novel minimally invasive procedure to treat mitral valve (MV) regurgitation. It consists in clipping the mitral leaflets together to close the regurgitant hole. A careful preoperative planning is necessary to select respondent patients and to determine the clipping sites. Although preliminary indications criteria are established, they lack(More)
Patient-specific models of the heart physiology have become powerful instruments able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease. A systemic representation of the whole organ is required to capture the complex functional and hemodynamical interdependencies among the anatomical structures. We propose a novel framework for personalized modeling(More)
Mitral valve (MV) is often involved in cardiac diseases, with various pathological patterns that require a systemic view of the entire MV apparatus. Due to its complex shape and dynamics, patient-specific modeling of the MV constitutes a particular challenge. We propose a novel approach for personalized modeling of the dynamic MV and its subvalvular(More)
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