Etheridge Alexander

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Congenic mice of the MRL +/+ substrain provide an animal model for study of tubular aggregates in skeletal muscle. Tubular aggregates appear limited only to males of the MRL +/+ strain and are not found in other strains, including MRL +/-, MRL lpr/lpr, BXSB/MpJ, BALB/c, SJL/J, AJ, or C3H HEJ. This strain-specific occurrence, and the gradually increasing(More)
A potent tumor-specific T cell response is an important part of antitumor immunity. Thus, enhancing T cell responses against tumor cells is a major focus in cancer immunotherapy. Dendritic cells (DC) play a critical role in the induction of T cell responses not only against pathogens but also against tumor cells. Studies have shown that DC-based vaccines(More)
Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA) is a well-described astrocytic neoplasm with distinctive clinical and pathological features. Although most patients with PXAs are cured by surgical excision, other patients experience malignant progression and tumor recurrence. We describe a 47-year-old woman with a left temporal lobe PXA that had classic(More)
The fine structure of a surgically excised colloid cyst is described. The cyst was lined by ciliated and nonciliated columnar cells. The nonciliated cells contained secretory material and had a surface coating. In addition, a third type of smaller cell was seen wedged between the columnar cells and abutting on the basement membrane. These cells contained(More)
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