Ethem Mutlu Sözer

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There is a growing interest for underwater sensor networks where long term monitoring of water masses around the world for scientific, environmental, commercial, and military reasons is desired. In this paper we will present the concept of a highly flexible acoustic modem called the Reconfigurable Modem (rModem) that can be used for rapid testing and(More)
In this paper, we discuss the design and testing of an underwater acoustic ad hoc network using OPNET Modeler/Radio. The network is intended for the long-term monitoring of a selected ocean area. The data flow of the network is mainly towards a master node, which is responsible for collecting data generated by sensor nodes. When the network is first(More)
– The interest in deployment of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), such as AUV swarms, has been increasing. AUV swarms can reduce mission completion times and increase the system reliability. One of the basic constraints of t hese multiple vehicle systems is the limited communication between AUVs through the very challenging underwater acoustic(More)
Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are increasingly being considered for remotely supervised missions, primarily for routine subsea inspection tasks currently performed by tethered remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). This project is a step in the development of a high speed, networked wireless communication capability for AUVs using MIT Sea Grant's(More)
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