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Cells modify their gene expression pattern in response to stress signals emanating from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The well-characterized aspect of this response consists of the activation of genes that encode protein chaperones and other ER resident proteins, and is conserved between mammals and yeast. In mammalian cells, however, ER stress also(More)
gamma-heregulin is a recently described novel isoform of the heregulin/neuregulin class of EGF-like ligands that bind to and activate receptors of the ErbB family. Deregulated signaling through the heregulin-ErbB pathway is thought to be implicated in the development of a subset of human breast cancers. gamma-heregulin has been found to be expressed in the(More)
In Drosophila, glial cell differentiation requires the expression of glial cells missing (gcm) in multiple neural cell lineages, where gcm acts as a binary switch for glial vs. neuronal fate. Thus, the primary event controlling gliogenesis in neural progenitors is the transcription of gcm. In addition, gcm is also required for the differentiation of(More)
LOH11A is a region of Chromosome (Chr) 11p15.5 where 75% of lung cancers show loss of heterozygosity (LOH). Clinical and cell biological studies suggest that LOH11A contains a tumor/metastasis suppressor gene. We have mapped this region (650 kb) using overlapping genomic P1/PAC/BAC clones, and one of the genes that we have identified is RRM1. This gene(More)
Lung cancers are a heterogeneous group of tumors broadly classified as small cell or non-small cell lung cancers. In each case, numerous DNA mutations precede tumor formation, resulting in the activation of growth stimulatory genes and the loss of tumor suppressor genes. The known cellular functions of the tumor suppressor genes most commonly affected in(More)
Two regions on chromosome segment 11p15.5 have frequent allele loss in lung cancer. LOH11A is centromeric between loci D11S1758 and D11S12, and LOH11B is telomeric between HRAS and D11S1363. We studied the biological significance of this allele loss using microcell-mediated transfer of human chromosomes 11, 11p, and two radiation-reduced fragments of 11p(More)
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