Ethan R. Stewart

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Aspergillus spp. are a group of filamentous molds that were first described due to a perceived similarity to an aspergillum, or liturgical device used to sprinkle holy water, when viewed under a microscope. Although commonly inhaled due to their ubiquitous nature within the environment, an invasive fungal infection (IFI) is a rare outcome that is often(More)
Rates of O(2) consumption (.VO(2)) were determined for adult northern leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) submerged at 3 degrees C at water PO(2)s (P(w)O(2)) ranging from 0-160 mmHg. The critical O(2) tension (P(c)) was 36.4 mmHg. Hematocrit and blood levels of PO(2), glucose, lactate, pH, [Na(+)], [K(+)], and osmolality were determined for frogs submerged for two(More)
Ustilago, a common fungal parasite of grains, is infrequently isolated as a pathogen in humans. We describe a case of Ustilago echinata infection following an open distal tibia fracture, review the current literature of this genus as a cause of invasive fungal infection in humans, and discuss management issues.
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