Ethan Kennerly

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The pathophysiologic similarities of many human and canine cancers support the role of the domestic dog as a model for brain tumor research. Here we report the construction of a custom canine brain-specific cDNA microarray and the analysis of gene expression patterns of several different types of canine brain tumor. The microarray contained 4000 clones from(More)
The main aim of this paper is to raise awareness of higher-order knowledge (knowledge about someone else's knowledge) as an issue for computer game AI. We argue that a number of existing game genres, especially those involving social interaction, are natural fields of application for an approach we call explicit knowledge programming. We motivate the use of(More)
The game designer is charged with an aesthetic imperative. The design is partitioned into four channels: simulation, user interface, story, and look and feel. Of these, the simulation and story channels are considered. In a game, the aesthetics of a simulation and of a dramatic story are suspected to be deeply coupled in conflict, choice, and change. Using(More)
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