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Oboe: auto-tuning video ABR algorithms to network conditions
Most content providers are interested in providing good video delivery QoE for all users, not just on average. State-of-the-art ABR algorithms like BOLA and MPC rely on parameters that are sensitiveExpand
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End-User Mapping : Next Generation Request Routing for Content Delivery – Public Review
To speed web delivery, websites use content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver content from servers around the world. How does the CDN direct a client to a nearby server? One approach is to use DNSExpand
Internet Measurements with Prespecified Timestamps
Countless organizations and individuals depend on the Internet daily for their critical communications. Internet measurement aims to provide tools to allow these users to better understand theExpand
Machiavellian Routing : Poisoning BGP for Route Control
Content and cloud providers place a priority on high performance, reliable paths for their networks, and they want to react quickly and effectively when problems arise. Yet, in conversations with us,Expand