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Malaysia recovered from the Asian financial crisis swiftly after the imposition of capital controls in September 1998. The fact that Korea and Thailand recovered in parallel has been interpreted as suggesting that capital controls did not play a significant role in facilitating Malaysia's rebound. However, the financial crisis was deepening in Malaysia in(More)
Does media bias affect voting? We address this question by looking at the entry of Fox News in cable markets and its impact on voting. Between October 1996 and November 2000, the conservative Fox News Channel was introduced in the cable programming of 20 percent of US towns. Fox News availability in 2000 appears to be largely idiosyncratic. Using a data set(More)
How do income shocks a¤ect armed con ‡ict? Theory suggests two opposite e¤ects. If labor is used to appropriate resources violently, higher wages may lower con ‡ict by reducing labor supplied to appropriation. This is the opportunity cost e¤ect. Alternatively, a rise in contestable income may increase violence by raising gains from appropriation. This is(More)
We use the digitized Congressional Record and the Google Ngrams corpus to study the polarization of political discourse and the diffusion of political language since 1873. We statistically identify highly partisan phrases from the Congressional Record and then use these to impute partisan­ ship and political polarization to the Google Books corpus between(More)
Japanese atomic bomb survivors irradiated 8-25 weeks after ovulation subsequently suffered reduced IQ [Otake and Schull, 1998]. Whether these findings generalize to low doses (less than 10 mGy) has not been established. This paper exploits the natural experiment generated by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in April 1986, which caused a spike in radiation(More)
This paper investigates the role of mass media in times of con ‡ict and state-sponsored violence. A model of collective violence is presented where mass media has the potential to increase participation in con ‡ict by facilitating coordination, in addition to any direct e¤ect on behavior due to content. Guided by the insights of the model, the paper uses a(More)
This paper explores how commodity price shocks in the international market a¤ect armed con ‡ict. We posit that di¤erent types of income shocks in ‡uence con ‡ict through di¤erent channels: an increase in the price of labor-intensive commodities reduces con ‡ict by raising the opportunity cost of joining armed rebellion, while a rise in the price of(More)
Caregivers of 35 mildly to moderately memory-impaired patients rated current and premorbid personalities with the NEO Personality Inventory. We then examined changes in the five domains of personality tapped by the NEO. There were significant changes in four of the five domains of normal personality functioning toward less conscientiousness, lower(More)
This paper investigates the role of mass media in times of conflict and state-sponsored mass violence against civilians. We use a unique village-level dataset from the Rwandan Genocide to estimate the impact of a popular radio station that encouraged violence against the Tutsi minority population. The results show that the broadcasts had a significant(More)