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We examined perceptions about academic cheating in comparable 11th-grade students from Costa Rica, Germany, and the United States to assess the similarities and differences associated with the different societies, with achievement status, and with gender. German students generally differed substantially from both Costa Rican and U.S. students in perceptions(More)
Two hundred students in grades 4-8 and 10 participated in a study of school theft. Students responded to a four-part questionnaire designed to measure perceptions of theft incidence and seriousness, personal responsibility for correcting theft, causal attributions of theft, and perceived consequences of thievery. A main grade effect was observed for(More)
Prostitution-involved adolescents self assigned into one of three groups: school attenders (of alternative street school), unable to attend, and school refusers. Data were collected at intake and 50 days after intake for the following measures: Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Quality of School Life Scale, and self-reported(More)
Many computing students do not receive adequate training in software quality management. Some students do not have the opportunity to practice software process improvement activities even if they do see the topics covered in their course lectures and textbooks. Serious games are gaining popularity as a means of instruction in higher education. Some(More)
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