Ethan Anderes

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Deformations of stationary random fields are a popular method for modeling non-stationary random fields. Through the use of deformations generated by vector fields, we propose to estimate these deformations using an iterative approach to climbing the likelihood in deformation space. Several different forms of this iterative procedure will be discusses with(More)
A recent paper by Anderes and Paul [1] analyze a regression characterization of a new estimator of lensing from cosmic microwave observations , developed by Hu and Okamoto [2, 3, 4]. A key tool used in that paper is the application of the robust generalized shrinkage priors developed 30 years ago in [5, 6, 7] to the problem of adap-tive Wiener filtering.(More)
This paper proves fixed domain asymptotic results for estimating a smooth invertible transformation f : R 2 → R 2 when observing the deformed random field Z • f on a dense grid in a bounded simply connected domain Ω where Z is assumed to be an isotropic Gaus-sian random field on R 2. The estimate, ˆ f , is constructed on a simply connected domain U such(More)
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