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We investigate the problem of estimating a smooth invertible transformation f when observing independent samples X1,. .. , Xn ∼ P • f where P is a known measure. We focus on the two dimensional case where P and f are defined on R 2. We present a flexible class of smooth invertible transformations in two dimensions with variational equations for optimizing(More)
  • Ethan Anderes
  • 2012
A recent paper by Anderes and Paul [1] analyze a regression characterization of a new estimator of lensing from cosmic microwave observations, developed by Hu and Okamoto [2, 3, 4]. A key tool used in that paper is the application of the robust generalized shrinkage priors developed 30 years ago in [5, 6, 7] to the problem of adaptive Wiener filtering. The(More)
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