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Tamás Körtvélyesi2
Hans E. M. Christensen2
Masamitsu N. Asaka1
2Tamás Körtvélyesi
2Hans E. M. Christensen
1Masamitsu N. Asaka
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The nuclease domain of colicin E7 (NColE7) cleaves DNA nonspecifically. The active center is a Zn2+-containing HNH motif at the C-terminus. The N-terminal loop is essential for the catalytic activity providing opportunity for allosteric modulation of the enzyme. To identify the key residues responsible for the structural integrity of NColE7, a virtual(More)
Colicin E7 is a natural bacterial toxin. Its nuclease domain (NColE7) enters the target cell and kills it by digesting the nucleic acids. The HNH-motif as the catalytic centre of NColE7 at the C-terminus requires the positively charged N-terminal loop for the nuclease activity-offering opportunities for allosteric control in a NColE7-based artificial(More)
Colicin E7 (ColE7) is a metallonuclease toxin of Escherichia coli belonging to the HNH superfamily of nucleases. It contains highly conserved amino acids in its HHX14NX8HX3H ββα-type metal ion binding C-terminal active centre. However, the proximity of the arginine at the N-terminus of the nuclease domain of ColE7 (NColE7, 446–576) is necessary for the(More)
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