Eszter Kohut

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Transforming growth factor β1 (TGFβ1) is an important immunosuppressive cytokine. Defects in its production by lymphocytes and the failure of TGFβ1 to regulate immunological functions have been described in SLE. Expression of TGFβ1 and the related signaling pathway was studied in the peripheral lymphocytes of SLE patients. The total plasma TGFβ1 level in(More)
Transforming growth factor beta1 (TGF beta1) has antiproliferative and/or apoptotic effect on lymphoid cells. In certain lymphomas exogenous TGF beta1 is able to induce apoptosis, however many lymphoid malignancies are resistant to the endogenous TGF beta1 production. We studied the expression and the activity of TGF beta1 signalling components in B cell(More)
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