Eszter Kalman

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Physical and psychological trauma which results in mood disorders and the disruption of complex behaviours is associated with reductions in hippocampal volume. Clinical evaluation of neuropathic pain reveals mood and behavioural change in a significant number of patients. A rat model of neuropathic injury results in complex behavioural changes in a(More)
Chronic neuropathic pain often leads to impaired cognition and reduced behavioural flexibility. This study used a rat model to investigate if a peripheral nerve injury, with or without an additional acute psychological stress, alters behavioural flexibility and goal directed behavior as measured by sensitivity to devaluation. Neuropathic pain was induced by(More)
Clinical Dilemma: 'An 18-year-old patient, who has been suffering from a prolonged psychotic state, is hospitalized for the first time in his life in our department. We diagnose his condition as schizophrenia, and start anti-psychotic medication and supportive psychotherapy. His parents join the psycho-educational group for families in our department. After(More)
Four adolescent girls were referred for psychiatric assessment because of suspected anorexia nervosa. Although all of them had lost at least 15% of their body weight, investigation showed that they did not meet the criteria for anorexia nervosa. In all cases, refusal to eat resulted from fear of vomiting following a viral illness and not from a desire to(More)
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