Eszter Angéla Tóth

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The local effect of nicotine on the extracellular levels of amino acids was examined in the striatum and frontal cortex of rats using microdialysis in vivo. The perfusion of 1 mM nicotine in Ringer's solution increased the extracellular levels of aspartic and glutamic acids by 40-50% in the striatum and had no effect on the levels of serine, glycine,(More)
The effect of sulfate and phosphate deprivation on cell growth and cylindrospermopsin level was studied in Aphanizomenon ovalisporum ILC-164. Sulfate starvation induced a characteristic reduction of cylindrospermopsin pool size on the basis of cell number and unit of dry mass of culture. Phosphorous starvation of A. ovalisporum cultures induced a lesser(More)
BACKGROUND While frequent or occasional symptomatic intradialytic hypotension (IDH) may influence patient well-being, its effects on survival-independent of comorbidities-has not previously been investigated. In this study, therefore, our objective was to assess the effect of frequent IDH (f-IDH) or occasional IDH (o-IDH) on survival. METHODS During a 10(More)
BACKGROUND Symptomatic dialysis hypotension (DH) continues to be a common problem. By comparing patients prone and resistant to DH, several dialysis session and patient related characteristics have been identified that confer susceptibility to DH. Less is known, however, about the comparison of patients with frequent and only occasional DH. The aim of the(More)
Brain microdialysis and high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection were utilized to study the effect of the selective non-competitive NMDA antagonist MK-801 (dizocilpine) on striatal dopamine (DA) release in the anesthetized rat. Perfusion of 100 microM and 300 microM (+/-)-MK-801 through the probe did not significantly change the(More)
Records of 244 patients with Mycobacterium kansasii isolated from their sputum were reviewed. Of the 244 patients, 82 failed to meet study criteria and were excluded. Response to treatment and posttreatment follow-up was evaluated in 162 patients. Overall, 135 patients (83%) achieved negative sputum cultures within six months. Among 32 patients whose drug(More)
UNLABELLED The synapse is a particularly important compartment of neurons. To reveal its molecular characteristics we isolated whole brain synaptic (sMito) and non-synaptic mitochondria (nsMito) from the mouse brain with purity validated by electron microscopy and fluorescence activated cell analysis and sorting. Two-dimensional differential gel(More)
The ideal zone II flexor tendon repair would be easy to perform, cause minimal scarring, and be strong enough to allow early active motion. A 6-strand loop suture technique devised by the senior author (T.M.T.) was studied in vitro. Forty flexor tendons were harvested from fresh-frozen human hands and divided into 4 groups of 10 tendons each. Each group of(More)
Iminodipropionitrile (IDPN), a compound that causes dyskinetic symptoms in animals and has possible use as a model for human dyskinesia, was tested in mice and rats for its effect on cerebral amino acids. In mice, 2 h after IDPN administration, the level of total brain alanine was reduced; after 5 h the levels of aspartic acid and glutamic acid were also(More)
Several recent studies have indicated that white matter is affected in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Diffusion tensor imaging is a tool by which the white matter microstructure can be examined in vivo, and might offer a possibility for the identification of the pattern of white matter disintegration in AD. In the current analysis, we made use of a novel(More)