Esunly Medina

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PURPOSE To determine the sensitivity and specificity of helical computed tomographic (CT) angiography in the diagnosis of carotid and vertebral arterial injuries caused by penetrating neck trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective study was conducted during 24 months in 60 patients with penetrating neck trauma who were referred for conventional(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the influence of covariates on the apparent clearance (CL) of tacrolimus in paediatric liver transplant recipients being converted from cyclosporin to tacrolimus. DESIGN Retrospective modelling study. PATIENTS AND PARTICIPANTS 18 children, 13 girls and 5 boys, aged 4 months to 16 years (median 9.1 years) who required conversion to(More)
OBJECTIVES A growing incidence of pediatric IBD (PIBD) in southern Europe has been recently reported. The SPIRIT registry (1996-2009) confirmed these tendencies in Spain. Our aim is to obtain data from 1985 to 1995 and describe the complete picture of PIBD presentation changes in Spain in the last 25years. METHODS A retrospective survey of incident PIBD(More)
Malignancies are the second most important cause of mortality in Chile, accounting for 21.8% of total deaths. In comparison with other causes, cancer mortality shows an upward trend with increasing mortality rates from 99 to 118 per 100.000 population in the period 1980-1998. The most important cancer locations are stomach, lung and prostate among men and(More)
A survey about surgical procedures performed in 1990 was answered by 17 surgical services. With these data the operative mortality of biliary surgery was analyzed. During 1990, 39,643 patients were subjected to major surgery of which 9,654 (24.3%) corresponded to benign biliary tract diseases. Forty nine percent of patients had chronic cholecystitis, 36%(More)
Mobile workers doing loosely coupled activities typically perform on demand collaboration in the physical workplace. Communication services available in such work scenarios are uncertain, therefore mobile collaborative applications supporting those activities must provide ad hoc communication mechanisms in order to use each cooperation opportunity.(More)
The characteristics of carbon assimilation were studied in roots of a leafless orchid, Campylocentrum tyrridion, from an epiphytic tropical habitat in Venezuela. The body of these orchids consists almost exclusively of autotrophic roots which are characterized by a well developed cortex of voluminous, chloroplast-containing cells. The carbon gain of the(More)
The prevalence of gallbladder cancer in 10,468 cholecystectomy patients was studied: 3.4% of the female and only 1.32% of the male population had gallbladder cancer (p < 0.001). The female population had 2.7 times more cholelithiasis, and 7.9 times more cancer than the male population. Cancer incidence increases progressively with age, specially after the(More)
Occupational exposure to thallium (Tl+) is known to be responsible for severe neurological manifestations in humans, including ataxia and paralysis; however, little is known yet about the precise mechanism of toxicity elicited by this heavy metal at sublethal doses and its brain distribution after chronic or subchronic exposures resulting from environmental(More)