Esuka Watanabe

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The present study examined a costly signaling model of human apology. The model assumes that an unintentional transgressor is more motivated to restore the relationship with the victim than an intentional transgressor who depreciates the relationship. The model predicts the existence of a separating equilibrium, in which only sincere apologizers will pay a(More)
Third-party punishment for norm violators is an evolvable enforcer of social norms. The present study, involving two experiments, examined whether violations of honesty norms would induce costly third-party punishments. In both experiments, participants in the thirdparty role observed a protocol of the trust game, in which the trustee solicited the trustor(More)
INTRODUCTION Postpartum haemorrhage is an important cause of maternal morbidity and mortality, uterine atony being responsible for most of the cases. Hypertensive disorders are supposed to increase the possibility of such complications, mainly when complicated by "abruptio placentae". The classical treatments for postpartum haemorrhage have been based on(More)
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