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In this paper, Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) with growing capability are proposed to evaluate the goodness of multispectral training areas selection that will be used in supervised classification processes. The SOM model used in this study is the Growing Cell Structures (GCS) neural network. Some modifications of the original GCS training algorithm are(More)
The capacity of recommender systems to make correct predictions is essentially determined by the quality and suitability of the collaborative filtering that implements them. The common memory-based metrics are Pearson correlation and cosine, however, their use is not always the most appropriate or sufficiently justified. In this paper, we analyze these two(More)
Landcover is subject to continuous changes on a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales. Those changes produce significant effects in human and natural activities. Maintaining an updated spatial database with the occurred changes allows a better monitoring of the Earth's resources and management of the environment. Change detection (CD) techniques using(More)
Keywords: Topology preserving Self-organizing map Growing cell structures Visualization methods Delaunay triangulation The Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is a neural network model that performs an ordered projection of a high dimensional input space in a low-dimensional topological structure. The process in which such mapping is formed is defined by the SOM(More)
In this work a parametric multi-sensor Bayesian data fusion approach and a Support Vector Machine (SVM) are used for a Change Detection problem. For this purpose two sets of SPOT5-PAN images have been used, which are in turn used for Change Detection Indices (CDIs) calculation. For minimizing radiometric differences, a methodology based on zonal "invariant(More)
We provide and evalúate a fusión algorithm of remotely sensed images, i.e. the fusión of a panchromatic (PAN) image with a multi-spectral (MS) image using bilateral filtering, applied to images of three different sensors: SPOT 5, Landsat ETM+ and Quickbird. To assess the fusión process, we use six quality indexes, that confirm, along with visual analysis,(More)