Estibaliz Martinez

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The capacity of recommender systems to make correct predictions is essentially determined by the quality and suitability of the collaborative filtering that implements them. The common memory-based metrics are Pearson correlation and cosine, however, their use is not always the most appropriate or sufficiently justified. In this paper, we analyze these two(More)
Keywords: Topology preserving Self-organizing map Growing cell structures Visualization methods Delaunay triangulation The Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is a neural network model that performs an ordered projection of a high dimensional input space in a low-dimensional topological structure. The process in which such mapping is formed is defined by the SOM(More)
Landcover is subject to continuous changes on a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales. Those changes produce significant effects in human and natural activities. Maintaining an updated spatial database with the occurred changes allows a better monitoring of the Earth's resources and management of the environment. Change detection (CD) techniques using(More)
INTRODUCTION Currently, there exist many research areas that produce large multivariable datasets that are difficult to visualize in order to extract useful information. Kohonen self-organizing maps have been used successfully in the visualization and analysis of multidimensional data. In this work, a projection technique that compresses multidimensional(More)
Change detection in imagery is quite useful generally but it has particular value in the remote sensing context. The conventional change detection methods based on pixel, which are appropriate to the low/middle resolution images, could not model the high-resolution imagery very well. In this case the object-based change detection techniques become(More)
The object-based methodology is one of the most commonly used strategies for processing high spatial resolution images. A prerequisite to object-based image analysis is image segmentation, which is normally defined as the subdivisión of an image into separated regions. This study proposes a new image segmentation methodology based on a self-calibrating(More)