Esther Williams

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The current definition of DFL is the acquisition of learning through a flexible approach, especially for those that are employed and those who have long been out of the formal classroom. According to the Acting Vice-Chancellor of the USP, Dr Esther Williams, USP is recognized throughout the Commonwealth for its innovative and effective application of(More)
Does the emigration of highly-skilled workers deplete local human capital? The answer is not obvious if migration prospects induce human capital formation. We analyze a unique natural quasi-experiment in the Republic of the Fiji Islands, where political shocks have provoked one of the largest recorded exoduses of skilled workers from a developing country.(More)
Salmonella dublin is an important bovine pathogen, causing dysentery, abortion, and death from septicaemia. S dublin dermatitis, a little-recognised occupational hazard for veterinary surgeons, does not cause serious disability or inconvenience. During a survey of brucellosis in south-west Wales four cases of S dublin dermatitis were seen in veterinary(More)