Esther Uría-Galicia

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The use of herbicides for agricultural and aquatic weed control has increased worldwide. These substances are potentially toxic pollutants because they induce the production of reactive oxygen species for biological systems and exert oxidative stress in nontarget organisms living in the treated aquatic systems. Recent evidence suggests differences in the(More)
Cadmium is a well-characterized nephrotoxic agent that is also capable of accumulating and diffusing across the placenta; however, only a few studies have addressed its effects over fetal kidneys and none of them has used a panel of sensitive and specific biomarkers for the detection of kidney injury. The goal of this study was to determine cadmium renal(More)
Goodeid fish have matrotrophic viviparity, and unlike lecitotrophic fish, yolk loss forces the female to provide the nutritional requirements for embryonic development. Vitellogenin (VTG) is the yolk precursor protein synthesized in the maternal liver, but there is only circumstantial evidence regarding VTG supply during the ontogenesis of bony fish with(More)
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