Esther S. Schouten

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The aim of this study was to provide a systematic overview on both laparoscopic and conventional Hartmann reversal. Furthermore, the Hartmann procedure is reevaluated in the light of new emerging alternatives. Medline, Ovid, EMBASE, and Cochrane database were searched for studies reporting on outcomes after Hartmann reversal. Thirty-five studies were(More)
Collaboration within the recently established Network for Research on Spirituality and Health (NERSH) has made it possible to pool data from 14 different surveys from six continents. All surveys are largely based on the questionnaire by Curlin “Religion and Spirituality in Medicine, Perspectives of Physicians” (RSMPP). This article is a methodological(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors performed this study to assess the performance of a computer-based classification system that uses gaze locations of observers to define the subspace for machine learning. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two dental radiographs were classified by an expert viewer into four categories of disease of the periapical region: no(More)
Modern healthcare research has only in recent years investigated the impact of health care workers’ religious and other moral values on medical practice, interaction with patients, and ethically complex decision-making. Thus far, no international data exist on the way such values vary across Religions 2016, 7, 107; doi:10.3390/rel7080107(More)
Preface About two years ago I knocked on the door of Theo Schouten asking him for a subject for my masters thesis Computer Science. I went to him because the intricacies of artificial neural networks have always fascinated me and Schouten was known for giving programming assignments. The fact that he gives very practical assignments appealed to me because(More)
OBJECTIVE Aprotinin reduces the blood loss and transfusion of blood products in children undergoing major surgery. Aprotinin has been associated with severe side effects in adults, and tranexamic acid and aminocaproic acid have been found to be safer alternatives in adults. This systematic review addresses the question of whether tranexamic acid and(More)
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